Friday, November 16, 2007

A Tribute to Frank

Frank is my cat. I love him. He was my first baby. When my husband and i bought this house it came with a cat. We didnt know it at the time, but we soon found out when he showed up each night looking for food. He waltzed right in the door and hopped up on the couch as if he had lived here forever. We thought he was a girl. We named him Drooly, because he would drool when you would pet him. I put a pink collar on him... oh the indignity of it all! Poor Frank.

After a month Frank was in need of medical attention. So we took our new pet to the vet. We discovered that Drooly was a boy. A neutered boy, but a boy nonetheless. So we took off the pink collar and we decided Drooly was too feminine. And so he became Kitty and shortly after that I just "knew" his name was Frank.

Frank is the best cat that ever was, and this comes from someone who adores cats. Frank has a heart of gold, Frank never once raised a paw to either of my kids although they both deserved it many times. Frank loved to sleep with us at night and lounge around on the couch during the day. Frank is picky. He would eat only dry food, his favorite was Wiskas. He wont eat now. He loved ice cream, especially mint chip. The kids loved to feed him. Frank kept me company while my husband was at work before the kids came along. Frank sat with me through my first Thanksgiving all alone. He had wiskas, I had spaghetti o's. Frank would be shoved into the cat carrier without complaining. Frank would be picked up by my son without a meow. Frank tolerated the irritating little dogs that our relatives constantly bring to our house. Frank is a cat beyond compare. Did I mention I love him?

Frank's kidneys are failing him. He no longer wishes to eat. He sits all day. He can barely walk. This happened so quickly that I still cant believe its my Frank that I am taking to the vet tommorrow. His bloodwork says he is in pain, his face says he is in pain. So tommorrow he is taking a one way trip to the vet. I am beside myself. I could cry all night and still it wouldnt be enough. I will miss him. My heart hurts. And everytime I think I am all cried out, I cry a little more. So tonite I will sleep with my kitty one last time, I will kiss him and pet him and see if he wants some mint chip ice cream. And tomorrow I will help him leave this world peacefully. And still I will cry a little more.


Cheeky said...

I am crying with you. Just over a year ago I lost my dear Willie. This Christmas will be the second one with out him. I had him for 15 years and I still miss him every day.

BIG HUGS to you my friend.

IamDerby said...

Cheeky- thanks for the hugs... I need em. I am sorry to hear about your Willie. Man life just sucks sometimes.

Samantha said...

I am so sorry to hear about Frank. Trust in your heart that you did the right thing for him. As someone who has had to put down more than my share of fuzzy family members, my heart truly goes out to your loss. Cry as long as you need to - it's good therapy :) {{{HUGS}}}

tommie said...

I don't even like cats, they make me sneeze like crazy....but this just made me sad....even brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry to hear this. Know that you are doing the right thing as painful as it may be in the moment.