Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another card and some whining

So I whipped out these bad boys tonite. I used some OLD supplies... that ribbon? yeah bought that for my wedding favors....12.5 years ago! That glittery paper? Dollar tree- 3 years ago! LOL Anyway I think they turned out nice. Papertreyink stamps, cuttlebug embossing folder, stickles glitter if your interested in that type of thing.

On to the whining... I miss my damn cat, alot! I think I may need a new one. Yah I know I have five others in the backyard but really only one likes to come in, one is a cat the neighbor abandoned and it hates me, and the other three are pretty much feral. We trapped and neutered them and they only want food... cant pet em. So today I am feeling all bad about my cat and what do I get in the mail? A sympathy card from our vet, signed by his whole staff. So I had to cry some more. Hoping I will get over this soon.


Cheeky said...

Get a new one. Just before we lost Willie (the dog) I had to get a new pet. We had Kitty Girl and we love her and she loves us but she is a touch me not. Willie was a snuggler and I needed another snuggler. So about 2 weeks before we lost Willie I got Sylvester. He is a snuggler. Not as much as Willie but enough for now.

Cheeky said...

And I LOVE those cards! Makes me wanna skip work and play in my craft/card room today...hehe

Flip Flop Momma said...

Those are some badass cards girl...I just buy a few boxes from like walmart..hehe

U were married 12.5 years ago, yea me too..we are old married ladies..

Yup, get a new kitty..

Moi said...

Love the cards. I make digital cards. Not nearly as crafty.

Sounds like a new kitty is in your future.