Sunday, September 16, 2007

Soccer Saturdays

So I have officially, once again, become a soccer mom. Let me say for the record, that I HATE sports. Hate to play them, mostly hate to watch them (the exception being NBA basketball- Go KINGS!) I never, ever thought in a million years I would have a girl child who liked sports, I never thought in a million years said girl child would be any good at sports (after all she has half my genes and I suck at all sports, I even suck at walking in a straight line, I am a natural born klutz...even at the age of 34 I still fall down and I am not always intoxicated at the time!!) BUT I do have a sports loving girl child and she loves soccer. LOVES it. And she is good! I know she is only seven, but she is awesome. I am in awe. And so every Saturday morning I get up, dress the boy, and we head out to the soccer field to watch the girl play....and heres the thing... I actually enjoy it!


Cheeky said...

Ahh yes, sports person I am NOT but my kids both play. The teenage daugther plays tennis (she is captain of her team this year) and softball. Man child plays soccer and hockey. They didn't get this from me - I assure you.

Arlene said...

I love watching sports, and I love that my baby girl loves her basketball every season :-) Now if only I can get the boy into something....maybe we'll try basketball this for playing sports, I SUCK!!!! There is NO way you could be a bigger klutz than me!