Friday, September 14, 2007

Joyous Bathroom Fun

My friend the comode.... I have been hugging him for the past two days. That is hugging him when I wasnt cleaning up vomit from my two children. God decided I wasnt having nearly enough fun and gave me and my children the stomach flu. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! Extra fun.... you get to throw up, then clean up puke, then console sobbing children, change bedding, puke again, then the kids puke again...then you repeat! Over and over again. Its been a long couple of days.


Moi said...

I feel your pain. Hope you all get better soon.

Cheeky said...

Oh I am soooo sorry ya'll are sick - just remember this...BBBI Better Body By Illness.....trying to look at the bright side for ya

The Kept Woman said...

There's damn near nothing worse than vomitting and being nauseous when you haven't enjoyed a damn fine party the night before.

IamDerby said...

Moi- Thank you!
Cheeky-BBBI... I love it! And I did lose 5 pounds!
TKW- You are so right!!

Sheri said...

It's almost a week later, so I hope you are 100% better!

At least it worked through all of you at the same time, rather than spreading out over 4 weeks.