Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday!

Wild Card Wednesday brought to you by the recently wounded TKW. This week's installment also features my boy, who is very wet eyed in this picture. This was taken shortly after he covered most of his body in black and green marker. When I started to yell (because lets face it I am not going to win mother of the year over my reactions to stress) he started to cry and began smearing marker all over himself. Finally I found my sense of humor and took some pictures. However I still cry over those 40$ stride rite shoes (they were a gift) that he had worn only an hour before covering the sides in green marker.

1 comment:

The Kept Woman said...

I'm laughing WITH you, really...

Man, I haven't had THAT yet but I freaked the hell out when Peanut drew on the walls with crayon last weekend.