Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I've been ebay jacked!

OMG someone idiot ass stole my ebay id. And then did they do something cool like post copious amounts of shit under my name and make me pay the fee? NOOOOO they used my name to send stupid ass spam to hundreds of ebay sellers. Who in turned sent me angry emails...which is good I guess because thats how I found out about this madness. And I will tell you what really sucked.... trying to find the million year old phone number I had listed on ebay account so the ebay security people could help me out!! Jeez what a freaking nightmare... which I believe now is nearly over. So the lesson here is if you steal an ebay account.... no wait thats not it... the lesson here is keep an eye on your ebay account even if you only use it twice a year.


The Kept Woman said...


What in the HELL is wrong with people?

tommiea said...

that just happened to my friend. They also bought a bunch of high end things as well. It took a bit to straighten it out, but finally it is done with. She is nervous to sell again now!