Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Wild Card Wednesday is brought to you by the multi-talented, hibiscus pillowcase sewing, TKW
WEAPONS! A favorite topic of my three year old. Here he is posing with his sword next to his Knightly friend. This knight actually stands at my dad's house. Its the boy's favorite part of visiting Grandpa. Until very recently he thought there was a real person in there. You should have seen his eyes when my dad took off the head.


tommiea said...

cute picture!

thanks for stopping by..

happy wednesday...

Jana said...

OH, man, I always wanted my own suit of armor! How cool!

I played.

The Kept Woman said...

Bonus points for Weapon!!! Great!!

I bought a coat of armor for my first husband (before we were married)...I bought it on a night when it was sleeting and crappy in Houston and had to wedge it into my leaking, skidding Chysler LeBaron...I can't remember if I hid it until Christmas or just walked into the apt. and said, "Here."

Probably the later.

Wendy said...

Very good use of the W! Thanks for stopping by.