Thursday, April 05, 2007

Help Ease My Mother Guilt

This is a picture of the wall in my son's room that I have spent the last three days painting. Pretty much none stop. The picture takes up most of the wall. I also had to primer and paint all the blue because prior to this three of the walls had a Peter Rabbit theme mural. So why the guilt you ask? Why arent I signing my self up for Martha and Mother of the year? Well let me tell you why, its because of the picture below:
Ah yes, this is the second wall. This should also have a lovely Cars theme mural, you cant see it but I actually have the bare bones sketched on to the wall. Now heres the problem. I am TIRED! My spring break is almost over, the kids will be home tommorrow, the room is in no condition to have a three year old in it, I need to sew the curtains and the blanket.... and I am tired of painting. So heres the thing...I am thinking of painting this wall solid blue, finding a couple of cars posters, framing them and hanging them. would that make me the worst mom ever? I feel like I am cheating my kid. But I just dont think I can get it done. And I need to decide before the kid comes home from his aunties tommorrow, because if he sees the sketch I will be painting but if I paint it blue he probably wont remember I had planned on doing two daughter will remember but I will bribe her with m&ms to keep quiet. Tell me its ok to paint it blue. I need to think I am not a selfish horrible person for not wanting to spend another week and a half on this room.


OneHungMan said...

Thanks for visiting OneHung's blog. He sees no problem with painting your wall blue and throwing a picture or some posters on it.

Your little one will probably be excited regardless.

IamDerby said...

OHM, you were right, he was excited regardless. That I even stressed over this is a mystery. I swear sometimes I think women are idiots...we feel guilt over the dumbest things.

Thanks for stopping by

The Kept Woman said...

Alright...I see OneHung cleared that right up...and WOW I am so impressed! That artwork is GORGEOUS.