Thursday, February 08, 2007

Come to the Dark Side

Why the picture of Darth Vadar? Well I finally managed to upload a pic and unfortunatly I had clicked on the wrong one. Ehhh oh well, live and learn.

So that pic is from our little trip to Disneyland. I am a west coast girl so we always go to disney LAND, not to be confused with the much larger Disney WORLD. It was a fun little trip, especially if you enjoy 7 hour car rides with two kids, eating over price burgers for a week, and sleeping on a lumpy bed thats two sizes two small. Oh and lets not forget the money sucking drain that is the Magic Kingdom. I cannot believe how much green they sucked out of my pocket this time. Most of it spent at the star trader, after my son did not get picked to join the jedi training for the third time. Yes it took numerous toys and copious amounts of money to soothe his broken three year old heart. Thats some marketing plan disney is working.

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The Kept Woman said...

I am probably the World's Worst Mother...I hate theme parks (crowds, spending lots of money, lots of kids)...someday I will drug myself so that we can take a family trip to DisneyWorld (I know, it's the one in FL...)...