Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sometimes Life Sucks

So I found out yesterday my aunt has rapid spreading small cell lung cancer. wow. sometimes life just plain sucks. The prognosis doesnt look good so far. I am hoping for the best but it seems its probably going to go the other way.


The Kept Woman said...

I'm totally sorry to hear this. Sugar Daddy's cousin has been battling this for awhile now and like your aunt, the prognosis doesn't sound good.

If she's a fighter and wanting to go above and beyond local treatment I strongly recommend contacting MD Anderson in Houston, TX. That's where SD's cousin has been going and they are the best in the country.

IamDerby said...

Thanks for the info, I will pass it along. I dont pray a whole lot but I have been praying for my aunt and I will add SD's cousin to the list. Things like this just suck. I was thinking of that whole thing you wrote about greeting cards...because I was wanting to send her something and then I thought yeah I bet they dont sell the I am sorry you are probably going to die card. So I guess I am stuck handwriting my card.