Monday, February 26, 2007

Suburban Wildlife

Look at this adorable little thing we found in our backyard! Dontcha want one? We were alerted to its presence by my son who was standing at the sliding glass door screaming, RAT! MAMA! RAT! I fully expected to see a huge rat...but we saw this little guy instead. (It's a baby possum) My cats really wanted to have it for lunch so I made the hubs pick it up and move it to a safer location. But apparently possums are extremly stupid because "Tiny" here decided to go back to the patio and sit in the cat's food dish. We moved "Tiny" again because my children wouldnt stop screaming. He came back to the patio. By this time my husband was getting sick of being hissed at and nearly chomped by Tiny. However we convinced him to relocate Tiny one more time. Last I saw Tiny he had several cats stalking him but he wouldnt stay hidden. I told the children Tiny's mom came back and got him....but I am not entirely certain thats what happened...however no remains have been recovered.

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