Friday, January 12, 2007

Sad and pathetic

So apparently its national delurking week? Who knew? Not me, obviously. Anyhow since I have been delurking at the many blogs I frequent I thought, oh no! now they may come and see my pathetic and sad little corner of internet. I should go clean it up! I should get my blog ready for company! Add pictures, put up links, make it snazzy! Those were my intentions...honest to God. However I got here and well it just seemed like it would take so LONG. So if you are stopping by for the first (and probably only)time please know I would have cleaned up but I am so lazy! Instead I will just come and visit you!

Iamderby (who would probably be better named, Iamlazy)


The Kept Woman said...

I shall comment although I'm not really delurking because you already know I lurk here...

The Kept Woman said...

Alright...I'm delurking but not really again!

You asked about how to find out how people find your site...I use Site Meter and when I check my statistics on their site there are sections to check loction (where people are), and referring links (where I can see what searches or web-sites people come from)'s a wealth of useless knowledge!