Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guidelines Mom Day

This is another card that went out to my friend AJ.  I am just so tickled she ordered cards from me... silly tho, I totally would have given them to her.   Anyhow, guidelines 2 in use here.  I used melon berry, spring moss, and lemon tart ink.  All products PTI.  
In Other Randomness:
I'm sick.  Coughing and sore throat.  Probably just a cold but you know the news has convinced me I must have swine flu.  Y'all know I live in California.   Just a stone's throw away from Mexico.  And I teach.  In a school.  With lots of germy kids.  Eh its not swine flu, but whatever it is I need it to go away because I hate to be sick.

I have got a ton of work on my desk and its cramping my crafting style.  So much to do that I dont want to do, so I procrastinate alot.

My house is disgusting.  I need a maid or else a week off to really clean this place.  Thats what I get for spending my whole vacation reading Twilight instead of doing chores.

Happy Wednesday all!  May the weekend be here soon!!


Cheryl said...

Beautiful card. You are the best guide liner there is.

And I understand your plight...Whoever doesn't believe in the reality of the law of entropy needs to see my house on any given weekend.

Nancy said...

Beautiful card!
Hope you feel better!
I'm starting to feel sick, too! I'm going to be placing my first PTI order next week, can't wait. Guidelines 2 is on my list!

Lisa said...

UGH...I hate being sick. I hope it's not swine flu! Feel better soon!!!

Diane said...

Very pretty card. Isn't that melon berry luscious? Sure hope you fell better soon!!!

tommie said...

I do hope you are feeling better. I rarely let the kids watch the news...but my 4 year old comes in asking, "mama, will I get the pig flu?" She has had some sniffles, but I am sure it is allergies!

cadnileb said...

Hpe you're feeling better!

Love your use of guidelines!

BethieJ said...

LOVE this one too Michele! Great job!

peggysue said...

I've learned the art of cleaning while reading, practiced it each time a new Harry Potter book came out . . . hold the book in one hand and scrub the bath with the other, same for vacuuming . . . it works, truly! and This is a neat card.

Amy Jo said...

yeah!!! my cards came!!! I will be ordering more - you will not GIVE them to me - :D