Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am helping people everywhere....

or else I am scaring them to death! One of the things I love most about sight meter is seeing what google search brought people to your page. I am seeing a lot of hits thanks to drano. Lots of people searching for "drano and my garbage disposal" or "help my garbage disposal has drano" or "drano in my disposal". So hey if that's you, don't put the drano in the garbage disposal! And if you have already.... be very careful getting it out! Right after my drano/disposal incident a friend of mine told me about a similar incident ending with burns all over the persons hands and arms! So be careful out there, all you do it yourselfers!

The other thing that had me laughing today was the google search... "gym punishment"! I was on page 66! Wow, I think for all the punishment I have seen I should be the number one hit! I did take a week off for Christmas. I went last night and did 45 minutes on the elliptical while I played with my new ipod. It was hard but not grueling. Tomorrow I will try to make it to spin class. We have been having a lot of out of town guests, so my time has not been my own lately. The gym is also a darn crowded place with the onset of a new year. All sorts of people come pouring in with the resolution to "shed fat", "look good", "get healthy". Luckily they are usually gone by February. Not that I dont want people to be healthy, but I hate a crowded gym!

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Jennifer Kirk said...

I posted a few years ago on my blog about organizing my underwear drawers. And now I get hits to my blog for nasty things :-X