Monday, December 08, 2008

Inside My Head at Spin Class

I took two classes this past week, one on Friday (Kevin) and one on Saturday (Julie). Both were difficult, especially since it had been a week since I had been on a bike. Kevin's was hard, very hard. Julie's was whatever hard is to the 100th degree. OMG. And she had already taught one class right before mine! And she taught a third after I got up and left. CRAZY hard. Anyway a random sampling of what was in my brain that day:

"omg, we must be done."
"what I have only been here 5 minutes?"
"stand up? again? jog? again?"
"I think my butt is jiggling so much I will have stretch marks"
"she is psycho... totally psycho"
"is that sweat? it is! omg I am dripping sweat!"
"is it over yet?"
"crap still a half hour"
"she is looking at me"
"go faster"
"this cant possibly get harder:
"omg I am going to die"
"i will have a heart attack"
"I am running out of water"
"is she dancing? omg she is!"
"this sucks!"
"why are all these skinny people in here?"
"if I was skinny I would never exercise"
"only one more song! yippee!"
this is the longest song ever!"
"this must be the extreme dance version"
"i think my legs wont work, how will i get off this bike?"
"praise be God, its over!"
"i hope thats sweat and not tears"

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Anonymous said...

you made me cancel my gym membership :) i just told my husband that going to spin 2x a month was fine and i can just go as a guest