Friday, April 11, 2008

Freaking Sick!

So its been like five days since I posted... my life is boring as heck so that could be why... but actually its because I have been sick or have been taking care of a sick child all week. I did manage to drag myself to work, which is probably why this thing has hung on for so long. My body decided it was done earlier this evening and I have been in bed ever since. This of course means my two children have had the run of the house with little to no supervision. Lucky for me my girl child made her brother peanut-butter and jelly for dinner. She even served it up with a side of goldfish crackers. She made herself a bean burrito and then she brought me a soda. I have raised that girl right. (She is 7 by the way). Anyway after she served up her brother dessert (skinny cow ice creams) he came up here, crawled in my bed and fell asleep. I dont have the strength or energy to move him so I am just hoping he went pee before climbing in. My dd is watching Sponge Bob downstairs, how could I deny her after the excellent care she has given me and the boy. Anyway thats my update. Hoping to feel better tomorrow because I have a billion things to do and not one of them revolves around lying in bed all day.

PS. Katie and Tommie, I haven't forgotten your prizes... they are packed and ready to go, just waiting for me to take them to the post office... hopefully tomorrow, but definitely by Monday.


Lisa said...

I know exactly how you feel...we were sick for almost 4 weeks and I am SO thrilled to be back to normal. Being sick really stinks and being sick AND taking care of sick kids is even worse! I hope you're feeling better soon!!!

Kay said...

Awwww! what a sweet little thing to help her momma out. Hope you are feeling better soon!

How goes the castle? What colors did you end up picking?

IamDerby said...

Kay- we still are undecided on colors. FunDaddy ended up working lots of overtime this past week so we are still a few weeks from being done.

Lisa- yes sick with sick kids is the worse. I am still feeling pretty awful so I am giving myself today off in hopes I will be ready to go tomorrow. I cant stand feeling this way.

tommie said...

I don't know what it is...allergy or a cold, but yesterday i went to bed with the kids by 8! I didn't even want to blog or surf other blogs!

Way to go DD...raising those kids up right.

I have resorted to these high speed felted cotton waterproof pads to go on our beds since I am never sure if the kids are going to end up in our bed or not!

Lisa said...

Yuck...hope everyone is back to themselves soon!

Katie said...

Oh, I feel bad that you've been sick. My hubby, oldest and I had a little "something", but nothing even remotely like you. As for the "goodies" that's what they are... take care of yourself!!! Hopefully, you'll feel up for the big release!!

Vanda said...

First of all I so hope you are feeling better today. Bless your girls heart for taking care of her mummy and brother.


OMG, I am so very sorry, I sent you an email, a very excited one to tell you I had received the beautiful boxes. Hold on a minute while I blush then I can tell you ........ I just found it in my draft box!!!! Arggggg so very sorry sweetie.

It came really quickly and even my hubby who doesn't impress easily thought you were very talented. Giggle I had to just about force them out of Georgia's hands before she left.

I've been ofline for just over a week because I caught hubby's bug.