Thursday, June 21, 2007


I worry alot. Do any of you all do this? I can worry about anything, serious or trivial. And then once I start that worry just becomes a compulsion. Its almost like I cant stop! It kills me. Currently I am worrying about my garage door, which broke last night for no reason whatsoever. I am also worrying the yellow jacket nest in our shed, global warming, soldiers in Iraq (now that I personally know one over there, I have stepped up the Iraq worry, my weight, my kids, my future trip to Chicago, flying, security at airports, money..... you see the list goes on and on. Its amazing I am not one giant ulcer. Oh and also that list is not in any kind of order. Like I dont worry about yellow jackets the most. Mostly that stuff just cycles through my brain all day long. I am sure I probably need a shrink.... hmmm maybe I should worry about that.


Arlene said...

Holy shit I've found my other half!

IamDerby said...

Arlene....LOL now I just cant wait to meet you!

The Kept Woman said...

Oh I can make a mountain out of the tiniest mole hill...I'm like magical and stuff.