Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday!

This weeks wild card Wednesday, brought to you by the owner of a haunted Mayan desk, stars the letter H! Whooohoooo! H just happens to be the first letter of the crappy last name I inherited when I got married.

I give you Halloween! This picture is about 3 years old. My son was a few months old. The girl was 3. She was a dog... and he was her bone. This was totally her idea. Its an idea that continues, each year she decides what she will be and then she makes him an accessory.

Halloween...the following year...she is Cinderella, he is Prince Charming

And so it went....Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, The White Witch and Peter (from Narnia).... who knows what this year will bring!


Christie said...

soooo cute!

Happy wcw :)

tommiea said...

How cute...and creative she is!

I played.

Arlene said...

They are so cute!!! Can't wait to get together with you guys! We should skip lunch and just have a playdate! I'll email you!

Tammy said...

So. Very. Cute.

The Kept Woman said...

The dog and the bone...bwahahahaha! Cute.

The Kept Woman said...

Oh and HHHHHHHHHHHhhhalloween! Quadruple Bonus Points for my tardiness and your creativity!