Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am a Scaredy Cat

So I mentioned the wasp/yellow jacket nest? Its in the eaves of our shed. There are a ton of yellow jackets going in and out. I ran out to the store and bought yellow jacket killer and traps. I beg the hubs to spray the nest. He says ok. Does he do it? nooooooo. So tonight I get all indignant and tell him I am going to it myself while he is at work. I go out after dark like it says. I stare at the hole in the eaves.... hmmmmmm its kind of high. I need a ladder. Cant find one so I get a rickety crate. I haul my fat butt onto the crate. I aim the spray. One Yellow jacket flies out, I nearly tumble off the crate and land on my ass. I think, "hmmm perhaps if one yellow jacket can nearly knock me on my rear.... twenty or so pissed off yellow jackets are going to cause me to break an ankle." So I climbed down off the crate, backed away from the hole, and like the wuss that I am slunk off into the house to wait for the hubs to douse the nest tomorrow when he gets back from work. GAWD! I am such a baby, I irritate myself!


The Kept Woman said...

Did you know that label is printed backwards?

I couldn't focus on the story b/c I kept wondering how that happened...but I'm ADD like that.

Arlene said...

Are you KIDDING ME???? I wouldn't have attempted it in the first place, I'm a big 'ol wuss with things like that!

IamDerby said...

TKW its not the label its the camera! I took it with the cam on the mac and it came out bugged me too but not enough to fix it.