Saturday, June 20, 2015

Zig Clean Color Brush Markers

Hello Friends!  Wow its been awhile, hasn't it?!  It's finally summer!   My first year as a middle school teacher (after 17 years in Elementary) was so hard!  It was such a hectic, hard, and rewarding year.  I barely crafted at all!  I feel so out of practice right now!
I was chatting with my crafty friends and I heard about Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers.  Well of course I couldn't ignore the siren call of new supplies.  I clicked on over to my trusty friend Amazon and bought some.  Of course then I needed a water brush, some bristol board, and some watercolor paper.  Next I watched a few You Tube videos where I was assured that this was the easiest thing evah!!!  I am calling BS on that.  And I know how to watercolor, like actually paint paintings, with real watercolor.  I've taken some pictures of work in process so you can see a few different things.  The finished card above was done on watercolor paper as were the baskets in the picture below.  If you are using watercolor paper the colors blend more effortlessly but if you get things too wet you will find your colors bleeding all over the place.
Watercolor zig clean color markers
The picture below is the pens used on PTI cardstock with a tiny bit of water applied with a brush. You can see that on this thick cardstock the colors do not blend as easily.  Also too much water will shred the cardstock.
Watercolor zig clean color markers
The picture below shows the pens on Bristol paper.  Its smooth like cardstock but not as thick.  The colors blend very easily especially without water.  However, the paper will also stand some water to be used with blending.
Watercolor zig clean color markers
This final picture is hand drawn art (Please forgive my horrid lettering!) on PTI white.  I used the pens and a bit of water.  I am really sorry I didn't just stick to copics here but I thought you might like to see one more example.
Hand drawn. Zig clean color


Joan B said...

cute card! I bought one of those pens and don't think they are for me. Can I just say that your own art is amazing. Wow!!!

Christie Wells said...

I want these cards you made! How much?

Michelle Philippi said...

Ha ha - that reminds me of when I first got in to cardmaking and people told me how easy it was to color stamped images. I invested millions in Copics and was done after the first shitty image. I like your little picnic basket!