Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Flip Flop Card

Hi Friends!  Running late to work so this is a post and run!  Similar everything to the card below this one.  Same sets, same materials- new colors.


procurein said...

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BethieJ said...

Michele this is so CUTE!! I LOVE It!! and makes me LONG>>>>> for the SUN and my own FLIP FLOPS! :)
Have a GREAT day!

Michelle Philippi said...

Cats. That's why I hate them so. They conspire to kill people! If not darting in front of cars, they are tripping them on the stairs. Hope you're getting along better now. And these phone pics are just fine. I'm too lazy to head out to the garage where my light tent is anymore. Trying to find a lazier but decent way to get good shots too. Ain't like we're photography bloggers - heh. Cute cards. Love the little strippies on the side.

Michelle Philippi said...

What? No postie in almost a month? Where are you? Did the cats finally do you in?! *gasp*