Friday, August 10, 2012

Using Up the Old

Good Morning Friends!  I have a couple more cards for you from the set I made the other day.  I love that I was able to clear out a huge batch of patterned paper and older cardstock to get these made.  Not only that I was able to incorporate the matching chipboard stickers that I paid a good sum for and then never used.  A couple of tips: gather your old pp and your matching embellies before you start so you can see what you have to work with.  Add in anything else that might go well.  I picked out some coordinating ribbon and some matching PTI cardstock.  Look in your stamp collection to see what might go well for envies and sentiments.
On this card you can see the big chipboard sticker is my focal point.  Unfortunately the middle of the sticker has some silly word on it that I would have never added to a card, not in a million years.  So I went and found a punch to match the size of the center circle.  I punched a piece of coordinating paper and I stamped it with a sentiment I do like.  Then I just glued it right over the top!  And now its exactly as I wanted it.

 Below is another card where I did the same thing.  I cut a square to cover up the old (and ridiculous) sentiment and then added a new one with my stamps.  Fun and frugal!


June K said...

Great cards. I like your tip about getting out my old pp (which I have tons) and matching embellies (of which I more tons) and the misc things that go well together. I think often times I look at my old stuff and don't make the real effort to actually match things up and so they don't get used up. Great tip.

Mara Campbell said...

What a great idea with your chipboard embellies. I love how you added the sentiments to the middle. And preeety paper!!

Michelle Philippi said...

Ha ha @ the silly sentiment you would never use. Some of them are so not me. I'm not as creative as you though, I don't care, I send them off with the lame-o sentiments - heh. You're all sorts of crafty...made the box even? Wow. Good job.