Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bitty Bird Valentine

P1060843 Hello blog friends! I have the Valentine I made for my hubby to show you today. Sorry its a little late for inspiration this year! I was really busy with work, lesson plans etc. but last night while I was running (jogging, actually) I got distracted and turned my head for a second. Well that was all it took. My foot came down on the edge of the asphalt, I rolled my ankle and went head first into a gully. I landed on my shoulder in a mess of gravel. So today I am nursing lots of cuts, bruises, and worst of all, a severely sprained ankle. Will go to the dr. today and let a professional look at it because its a mess. However no walking means no work. No way can I stand and teach all day. I thought about trying to sit and teach but then upon reflection decided I should give this poor foot at least one full day of rest. I have some crutches (yes I am such a klutz I own crutches) and thats how I am getting around at the moment. Well that was probably more info than you needed, eh? P1060844
So anyway, onto the card.  I started with a piece of cream cardstock.  I stamped it with the little birds and branches from Bitty Bird (PTI).  The heart is from Simple Valentine and the sentiment is from Love Birds.  The birds and leaves are colored with copic markers.  I lined the inside of the card (um cause I dropped an ink pad on it) with some blue patterned paper (PTI) and I stamped it with a simple little sentiment.
Thanks so much for visiting me today!


Joyce said...

Sorry you are injured. I do my best card thinking when I am in spin class. You might want to try that because you are seated and strapped in. I have not been injured---yet. This valentine is ever so sweet. I always swoon a little for bitty bird.

Geny said...

Pretty card Michele! Hope your ankle feels better soon!

Mara Campbell said...

That is such a sweet card, love the birds!

Oh no about your ankle! Please please please take care of it. I'm glad you are getting it looked at, I don't want anybody to go through what i'm going through with mine. Don't forget, ice, compression, elevation. I sound like an infomercial. Seriously, hope it better soon!

Carolyne Aarsen said...

Officially adorable. I really want Bitty birds. Seeing your card just confirmed that purchase.

Joan B said...

I adore this card!! Makes me want to buy that set. Sorry about your ankle. Hope it improves soon.

Michelle Philippi said...

Oh my - hope you aren't sore and all healed up! Jogging though....good for you! That's why I don't jog...well, I guess the whole falling thing coupled with I'd probably end up having a heart attack. Anyway! - - this is a great card. Love that it's not the classic colors and still soft and sweet.