Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Wondering

why the spin instructor always yells out, "how do you feel?"  And then all the participants (except me) yell out, "Great!!"  I mean really, do they feel great?  I usually feel like I am about to die.  Or that I will never catch my breath.  Or I feel all greasy and sweaty.  But never, never do I feel like yelling out, "Awesome!!"   Maybe its just me.   I am fairly certain none of my ancestors exercised.  I am sure I have a non-exercise gene in me.  

Just wanted to add:  It was a relentless class tonite and truly thought I might get off that bike and fall to the floor.  Luckily my legs held me up and I made it to the car.

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Tabitha said...

LOL! I never could figure that out either? In my case it was the spin instructor but the aerobics instructor. However, she would always get mad b/c people weren't yelling loud enough so she will ask like three times until everyone just shouts something out so she will be quiet! What is it with them can't they tell we are working really hard!!