Sunday, October 07, 2007

Splurge Worthy??

I got this idea somewhere else...but I am old and the brain doesnt work so well and well I cant remember very well! Anyway here is my list of 5 splurge worthy items and 5 items that there is no way I am paying retail.

Splurge Worthy
1. Diet Dr. Pepper
2. Nice Trousers
3. Gorgeous scrapbook paper
4. chocolate
5. good art supplies

Unsplurge worthy
1. Shoes (why pay retail when there is always a deal to be found)
2. Purses (yes I am probably in the minority, but no way am I paying 200 bucks for a purse)
3. Milk (the store brand is the same)
4. Books (even the latest can be found at costco cheap!)
5. Water (the tap tastes fine to me)

Let me know what you find spurge worthy!!


Cheeky said...

I agree with list and would add Toilet Paper to the splurge list - not going with the cheap stuff there - nope not gonna do it

The Kept Woman said...

Oh, I know...splurge in terms of cost and calories are regular salad dressing (the lite stuff just isn't the same) and genero is made with the exact same goodness. Trader Joe's comes close but still not the same O-R-E-O.

I splurge on handbags within reason (like $80 is high for me...)...I find them at Marshall's and buy a season ahead so that I'm actually getting last season's stuff on clearance...but my favorite purse of all times is still my $11 JcPenney one...

Kami said...

Oh, this is FUN! I think I'll steal for my blog.