Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I have figured out whats wrong with our health care system....

and its called we think your 20 minute ER visit was worth.... get this.....
1,344.00!!!! Yes, you read that right, ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR dollars. For a 20 MINUTE ER visit (not including the 2.5 hours I sat waiting with my baby girl puking all over me and her tupperware bowl.) After the extremely long wait we were ushered back to the "bed" section. The dr. examined baby girl. Listened to me go on about her symptoms. He listened to her heart, gave her the once over. Gave her a pill to stop the nauesea. Made us sit for 15 minutes to make sure she could hold down a cup of water and then we paid our copay and left. That was it. Now granted we were at the ER (which I was told to go to by the Dr. on call at our pediatrician's office) so I understand it might cost a little more for after hours treatment but one thousand three hundred and forty four dollars???? I mean omg, WTF? This seriously makes me wonder what the charge was for my apendectomy with severe complications that led to a brief stay in ICU and a full seven days in the hospital. That must be what like several million I guess, if its 1300 every 20 minutes. I wouldnt even had known the cost if the ins. hadnt sent some letter about how they "knew" we must have other health ins. on our kids and we are holding out on them. Ummm no. We pay enough at my husband's job we dont need double. I guarantee this sad sorry health care system we have is going to implode....probably sooner than later.


Kami said...

Sweet Allah.

Funny you mention an appy with complications. I had a hot appy. They did my surgery, and the next morning, I tried to die. My internal staples - yeah - didn't work. FUN. Had to go back. Had to be transfused. I wish I had saved the paperwork. It probably was several million dollars. I know the 4 units of blood were mega bucks.

Damn system.

Tutu said...

I hope the next person in office can fix the health industry and not just talk about it and get nothing done. I had an mri the dr ordered and insurance isn't sure it was warranted--so I guess they know more than the doctors now

Cheeky said...

Oh don't get me started. Insurance is such a scam and while the ER charged you that much - they won't receive that much. The only get a "negotiated" rate" based on what they charge - so they have to charge more to get the insurance to pay.

THEN the insurance plays the little game of "it only hurts a little bit you really don't need that procedure" game to get out of paying....its such a freakin SCAM!

OK now the blood pressure is up....lemme go watch Matt Lauer and calm down now

Samantha said...

Oh, that's terrible! I hope your little girl is feeing better.

I agree - our health care system SUCKS. I spent six months last year arguing with my insurance company about a $1,000 charge that was not my responsibility. What a nightmere.

The Kept Woman said...

I concur with everything...there's got to be a better way...than what any other country out there currently has. There has to be a fresh approach that no one has thought of.

I think I just found your life calling.

IamDerby said...

TKW- you crack me up. No no no its not my life calling. I think my life calling is to whine about it so someone else can change it! Someone much smarter (and way more patient) then me!

Kami- ugh appys (or is it appies) are the worst. Mine had already exploded by the time the docs got around to me (i waited in a hallway...ala er style) for nearly 8 hours. They are lucky (or maybe I am lucky?) that I didnt die.

tutu- I agree! I was just recently denied care that was ordered by my specialist

Cheeky- gets my blood pressure up to! Its insane the way our system works!

Samanthat-she's all better now...hopefully she will stay that way. And I agree fighting with the insurance is the worst! Takes forever to make them see it the right way (your way!)

It's Just Me said...

thanks for your comment on the finances- any little bit of input helps me :) and those little halloween baskets are too freaking adorable!

oh and i agree about the health care system. shameful

Jamie said...

WTF is right! My son had a seizure after his 4 month shots. We took him to the ER (after waiting 10 minutes for an ambulance that never came) and after 8 hours the diagnosis from the bucked-tooth-jackass-Doc was: He has a cold.
He also told us that seizures are not considered an emergency unless they last longer than 15 minutes...even in a 4 month old.
But by law the ER had to admit us. And they charged us $2400.