Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday

Wild Card Wednesday brought to you by the fabulously funny, TKW. This is my boy...looking up from under our sink while the hubs was trying to install a new garbage disposal. So there you have it my WIDE eyed son in our very WHITE sink!


insideout said...

Good one for WCW. I linked you through TKW. I played for the first time today...I/O

Kami said...

That's too cute.

Wendy said...

Great WCW! I played too!

The Kept Woman said...

Multi-Bonus Points awarded! I love the white and wide!

I'll admit it though...I was wondering at first how you got him into one of those front-loading washing machines at the laundromat...then when you explained it it all became so much more clear.

tommiea said...

cute pic! I played as well.

IamDerby said...

omg 5 comments....I about died! Amazing how a small thing like a comment just makes your day. (Plus I am just all needy like that)LOL.

I/O - thanks...checking out your WCW next

Kami- thank you...we think he is adorable...well some of the time

Wendy- on my way over to check out your WCW

TKW- holy crap multiple bonus points...i am so excited! and yes stuffing him in a washer would have been a feat.

Tommiea- thanks...i will be by to see your WCW as well

Arlene said...

I totally thought it was a washing machine too!!!
I played too :-)