Monday, March 05, 2007

LOTR SAM- Extreme Weapons Edition

My boy, he is 3, he loves weapons. Why? I dont know, I guess because he is a boy. Anyway he's got a zillion action figures and even more weapons. He wants nothing to do with an action figure that doesn't come with weapons. Today I tripped over this guy, that would be Sam from Lord of the Rings. (Which, btw, is a movie I have never watched and probably never will). Anyhow Sam came with just a frying pan, which my son decided was no kind of weapon, so he modified Sam. Now Sam has an arsenal...ready to do battle with anyone or anything.


The Kept Woman said...

Sam looks like a total bad-ass. I would NOT mess with him.

sweatpantsmom said...

And my husband told me I was the only one on the planet that hasn't seen LOTR.

(I wrote about a friend who tried to deprogram me here)

Christie said...