Monday, September 25, 2006

The World is Full of Morons

And they all seem to be attracted to me. I swear everywhere I go...morons. So this is totally off the subject of being a mom, but I need a place to rant. I went to a concert last night... a kick ass Toby Keith concert... a place where you need to stand up and dance and cheer and scream. I did not pay 80 dollars to sit quietly in the seat bobbing my head gently. Got that morons in the row behind me? This is for you:
Dear Horrid, Rude, Fat ass, low intellect Morons seated behind me:

You are not at a Yanni concert, nor are you watching Michael Bolton. You are watching Toby frieking Keith. You are expected to stand, you are expected to dance, you are expected to have a good time. You should not be demanding the people in front of you sit down, you should not be whining about how you are so fat you cant stand. If you are that messed up you should have purchased your fat ass a handicap spot. Got it?

The next time you make the mistake of trying to body check me with your 350 pound body I am going to knock your ass to the ground. The only reason you got away with it this time was I feared you would topple on top of me. If you want to sit and quietly watch Toby without moving I suggest you rent your dumbass a video.

Thank you for indulging me. Back to the regular boring nonsense.

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Nicole P. said...

Ugh, that bites! I went to a concert with a friend (it was Cyndi Lauper and it ROCKED) and she got in trouble for dancing by the balcony rail. Not in anybody's way, even! Just a fascist security person.