Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cue the funeral music

I am currently mourning my favorite pair of jeans. I loved them. They were Hilfiger. They fit perfectly, not to high (would NOT qualify for mom jeans) but not to low (my ass didnt hang out like a teenagers). I am going to miss them. They had this little hole by the back pocket, I could see it was getting really worn...I was going to sew it, but it seems I never had the time. Now its too late, the hole got caught on my chair and I managed to tear a 6 inch hole. Yep not a pleasing look on the butt, especially my large butt. And so I am very sad and I have one remaining pair of jeans that fit. So either I drop 10 pounds (in which I could then put on the other pairs in my closet) or I got shopping. Right now I am going to go cry.

1 comment:

The Kept Woman said... you know how much they are selling Citizens and Sevens for that COME with those rips!?!?!? (like you know I only know this because I'm an anal researcher and NOT because I'm hip and stylish)

You're totally cool the jeans and the "story" they tell...even if it ends in your ass hanging out. It looks like a great story then!!!!