Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hey New Stuff!

Hard to believe eh?  I got nothing in the way of excuses.  I've made plenty of cards- just kind of lost interest in photographing them.  I've lost interest in many of things I used to do regarding paper crafting but I haven't lost interest in card making.  I knocked out 10 cards last night.  I took crappy photos of 5 to share with some friends on Facebook.  And then I thought hey why not update the old blog?  So here I am!
Of course I shot this with my iphone- and its unedited. I make no promises of greatness here. I am not branding myself, I am certainly not trying to be the next big thing.  Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.  Especially when blogging becomes a "job" and I find myself comparing my blog to others.   Anyway, I digress!   Here is the card.  I know just who I am sending this too.  Hopefully I will find a stamp before too many days go by.   The paper is from one of the millions of 6x6 pads I unearthed on my desk.  It's double sided, if I hazarded a guess I'd say Echo Park but I am not positive and you should know by now I am to lazy to go look!  The owl stamp is from Hero Arts.  I bought it separated from the main set so I can't help you there.  The chevron stamp on the far right is from PTI- simple squares or something like that.  The friend stamp is also from Hero Arts.

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Suburbian Siren said...

Stinkin' cute. You crafty people always amaze me...