Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Mom's Social Life

So I have a mom's wardrobe (crap that doesnt need ironing and can hide the miscellanous garbage my kids rub on me) and I drive a mom ride (lovely minivan, complete with car seats and enough snacks to stock a 7-11) and now I have a mom's social life. In my previous life BK (before kids) I spent Saturdays sleeping in, going to brunch, shopping with the girls, going to lunch, meeting friends for drinks, taking in a movie. Now my social life consists of no no not PARTIES! but parties, birthday parties....not for my aquaintences but for my daughters. And today was a red letter day because I had two parties, back to back. So it was 3 hours in the blazing hot park, eating cheap pizza and grocery store cake and then it was 2 hours in my friends packed house, chasing my kids and talking about which age/stage is the best/worst. Ah the excititng life I lead. I know you all want to be me! Tommorrow I get to follow up this day of partaying with a day of housework....well it just doesnt get better than this!

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