Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Me... Begging for Money on Behalf of My Students

Hi Friends!  I interrupt this blog to ask you to consider to giving to my classroom via Donor's Choose.  I am once again asking for books for my classroom.  I have my students read 5 novels per term for a total of 20 novels per year.  They don't always make it but even if they only do half they will read 10 books in a school year!  This is in addition to our 4 class novels.  Some of my students come from homes completely devoid of books.  Some of them hate reading.  Some have never read a novel by themselves.  Its my job to try to change that.  I look for books that will interest them.  I talk up new books.  I try to tailor book choices to their interests.  I will spend tons of my own money on books this year, as I did last year.  Will you help?  Even if you can't donate, can you help spread the word?  Also if you donate in the next 6 days you can put in the promo word SPARK and Donors choose will match your donation! So $5 becomes $10!  Here's the link:

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