Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Wild Card Wednesday is brought to you by the multi-talented, hibiscus pillowcase sewing, TKW
WEAPONS! A favorite topic of my three year old. Here he is posing with his sword next to his Knightly friend. This knight actually stands at my dad's house. Its the boy's favorite part of visiting Grandpa. Until very recently he thought there was a real person in there. You should have seen his eyes when my dad took off the head.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I've been ebay jacked!

OMG someone idiot ass stole my ebay id. And then did they do something cool like post copious amounts of shit under my name and make me pay the fee? NOOOOO they used my name to send stupid ass spam to hundreds of ebay sellers. Who in turned sent me angry emails...which is good I guess because thats how I found out about this madness. And I will tell you what really sucked.... trying to find the million year old phone number I had listed on ebay account so the ebay security people could help me out!! Jeez what a freaking nightmare... which I believe now is nearly over. So the lesson here is if you steal an ebay account.... no wait thats not it... the lesson here is keep an eye on your ebay account even if you only use it twice a year.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stupid Blogger Sucks

Hey do they remove your blog for titles like that? Seriously though, its been a bitch signing in, trying to post, trying to comment! I was visiting some early WCW and I cant even comment because stupid blogger just hangs in limbo! And this makes me want to curse! Actually I do curse, alot! Anyhow if any of you WCW players stumble through, please know I looked at your pics and of course was impressed.

Wild Card Wednesday!

Wild Card Wednesday brought to you by the lovely TKW. Here we have the boy Working. It seems all my WCWs will be starring my next week i will have to look doubly hard to find one of my daughter, who is very cute as well. Maybe I can take some pictures of her this week...I already know the w word.... whiney!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Help Ease My Mother Guilt

This is a picture of the wall in my son's room that I have spent the last three days painting. Pretty much none stop. The picture takes up most of the wall. I also had to primer and paint all the blue because prior to this three of the walls had a Peter Rabbit theme mural. So why the guilt you ask? Why arent I signing my self up for Martha and Mother of the year? Well let me tell you why, its because of the picture below:
Ah yes, this is the second wall. This should also have a lovely Cars theme mural, you cant see it but I actually have the bare bones sketched on to the wall. Now heres the problem. I am TIRED! My spring break is almost over, the kids will be home tommorrow, the room is in no condition to have a three year old in it, I need to sew the curtains and the blanket.... and I am tired of painting. So heres the thing...I am thinking of painting this wall solid blue, finding a couple of cars posters, framing them and hanging them. would that make me the worst mom ever? I feel like I am cheating my kid. But I just dont think I can get it done. And I need to decide before the kid comes home from his aunties tommorrow, because if he sees the sketch I will be painting but if I paint it blue he probably wont remember I had planned on doing two daughter will remember but I will bribe her with m&ms to keep quiet. Tell me its ok to paint it blue. I need to think I am not a selfish horrible person for not wanting to spend another week and a half on this room.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday!

Wild Card Wednesday brought to you by the recently wounded TKW. This week's installment also features my boy, who is very wet eyed in this picture. This was taken shortly after he covered most of his body in black and green marker. When I started to yell (because lets face it I am not going to win mother of the year over my reactions to stress) he started to cry and began smearing marker all over himself. Finally I found my sense of humor and took some pictures. However I still cry over those 40$ stride rite shoes (they were a gift) that he had worn only an hour before covering the sides in green marker.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Is There Any Question About Who Rules This House?

My cat Frank. He found us one day. Shortly after we moved in. He arrived at the backdoor and stood there until we let him in. (We are weird that way, we let strange animals inside). Since that day 8 years ago Frank has ruled this place. He had destroyed my carpet, blinds, couches, various throw rugs, and favorite blanket. Yet here he lives in total comfort. Sure I curse him (alot!) but for some reason we love him. This is where you can find him on any given day. Yes, thats my bed. Yes, his head is on my pillow and he has managed to tuck himself in. I guess I should learn to make my bed and these things wouldnt happen.