Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Card

This was the other card that I was working on for the papertrey ink blog hop. It also has grid style scoring. I like everything about it except that I tried to heat emboss the crown and I think it looked better before I did that. I am not sure who this will go to. Its just sitting in my stash with several others.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PaperTrey Ink Blog Hop

Its that time of the month! Time for the PaperTrey Ink Blog Hop! See all the details here. This month's challenge was to use score lines. It was a challenge for me.... I had to use my old grey fiskars and the scoring blade... it was tricky. I made two and couldnt decide which to show.... so I just played eeny meanie.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some Crafty Stuff for You

I have been playing in my craft corner.... testing out my new papertreyink stamps. I made a few cards, one is for bloghop so I have to keep that to myself for now... you will see it Wednesday night. Of the two I posted, one is for my friend who is expecting a baby girl in September. I used bitty baby and lavender moon from papertrey ink. The other is made from papertreyinks new Kraft paper and the new honeybee stamp set. I was just messing around, not sure if I like this card or not. It went into my stash for the next time unexpected card occasions arise.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Been Slackin'

I have been slacking with the blog. I don't know but lately I just haven't had a whole lot to say. I have been crafting but I haven't taken any pictures of my creations. Maybe today if I find the time. I have the day off for Memorial Day. We are getting close to the end of school, just three weeks left! Hard to believe summer is almost here! I am looking forward to loafing around all day.

Some other things going on:
Gave a "scrapbooking" lesson to a friend of mine yesterday. Loaded her up with Joann's coupons. I think its safe to say that I lured in another one. She was all ready to run right out and buy a trimmer, paper, albums, etc. This after completing just two pages. Papercrafting is an addictive and expensive little hobby. I did try to give her some money saving tips: Joanns and Mikes coupons, stop off at Big Lots frequently, watch for Target clearance.

Getting a crown put on Wednesday, and not the princess crown I deserve! Man I hate going to the dentist. I am finally at the final step of this crown nonsense. I pray I never need another one!!!

Tripped over my stupid cat on the stairs Thursday. Fell on my butt and apparently jarred every muscle in my body. My neck is still aching. I think this means I am getting old.

Speaking of stupid cats, both my indoor cats have parasites and so they have to take medicine. Anyone who has ever tried to give a cat meds knows exactly what I am talking about!! These stupid cats have clawed me, bit me and spit their stupid medicine all over me! Cats are so ungrateful!

So thats the update here... you really didn't miss anything, my life still holds all the excitement of a snail.

Monday, May 19, 2008


What you see is an American Crafts Modern 12x12 D ring album... Its that funky cardboard color because you add your own paper and embellies to make it gorgeous. I found this baby at Big Lots... do you see the price??? A mere $5! I bought 3... which truely was showing restraint because they had 8 and I wanted to buy them all! Do you know what these retail for down at the local scrapbook store?? Let me tell you... $19.00!!! And even online they are $17 (plus shipping) Dont believe me? Look here. I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops! "Look at the amazing deal I got!" I didn't shout when I came home with it though... I kind of snuck in the house and slid the giant bag of albums (and ummm a few other good deals) under my craft table where hopefully my husband will just walk on by... otherwise he might start questioning me on why I need yet another (or three) empty scrapbook albums.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random Stuffs*

Just a collection of random stuffs* floating around in my head:

It's May which means school (a.k.a. my job) is almost out!! I have four weeks left until summer time! Time to be lazy, hang with my kids, slide my walrus like body into my swimsuit and wish that I had worked out more and indulged in cookies less this past winter.

I have been working alot! Grades, summer project, yearbook, final edit on the newspaper... they are all eating into my crafting time. Looks as if crafting will be on hiatus for a few weeks.

My tooth hurts. I am in the process of getting a crown and its not going well. The only highlight is that my dentist is hot. and nice. And Hot. and he is uses the Novocain well. Oh and did I mention he is HOT? I wish I could think of a good reason to sneak my camera in and get a picture... but all scenarios end up with me looking like a loon, a stalker, or a desperate housewife.

I found a new blog a few weeks ago. Its heart wrenching. Its heart warming. Its sad and yet its uplifting. Its about a man and his baby and his beloved wife who died the day after their daughter was born. This all happened a mere 7 weeks ago. The writing is beautiful, the pictures are poignant. The entire thing is so beautiful and yet so sad. The link is in my sidebar. Its called Matt, Liz, and Madeline. Get your tissues before you click.

My boy outwitted me in the flip flop saga. I was outwitted by a 4 year old. Hmmmm... just what does that say about me?

Its late... ok its not... is 9:10. But I am old and I have to get up at 5:20 and I need all the beauty sleep I can get. So happy Wednesday to you all! Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the internet.

*stuffs is a word my son says frequently. I am not as illiterate as I seem to be. I have a piece of paper that says I am qualified to teach young children... hmmmmm... maybe you should be worried.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Yesterday I went to the giant bullseye and bought my boy some Transformer flipflops. Now my boy has some perfectly good spiderman flipflops but they were from last summer and he wanted some new ones. So being the good mother I am I complied. We get said flipflops home and the boy puts them on and decrees they are too tight, they hurt, and he hates them. Furthermore he is never ever going to wear these flipflops. So I put them pack in their packaging and put them on the counter so I can take them back or trade them in for a bigger size.
This morning:
Boy: Momma where are my Transformer flipflops?
Me: In the bag, I am taking them back to the store to get a bigger size.
Boy (screaming): NOOOO MAMAMMAAA NOOOOO!! I want them, I love them, I want to wear them!!!
Me: No they are too small we will trade them for bigger Transformer flipflops
Boy: NOOOOOOO!!! I want these, I love them, they fit! Please mama please I want to wear them.

Now a less experienced mother might have given them back. But I know my boy, he would have worn them just long enough to make it impossible to return them and then they would have languished in his closet because "they hurt and I hate them." So I stuck to my guns. And experienced a lovely Mother's Day tantrum at 8:15 am. So heres hoping your Mother's Days turn out a little better!!!

(BTW, Mine has gotten nothing but better as the day has gone on... I love these kids even if they do make me question my sanity.)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Guppy Update

(Sorry if you are here looking for crafty things...hopefully I will get some pics up this weekend)
So the guppies made the trip to school just fine. I wish I had a camera when I delivered them to the second graders. Only children could get that excited over a few fish. The fish are all set up in their new homes; customized two liter bottles, with blue and green gravel and some aquatic plants (and NO HEATERS!!! TAKE THAT PETSMART!) Everyone was still alive and well when I left school today. Oh and everyone had been given names....some that stick in my mind: Jazmine, Danny, Lola, Annie, Hareema LOL! I love it! Now I just need to go get some worms to deliver to my first graders and we are all set with animals until the end of the year. Which would be June 12th.. not that I am counting or anything!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Guppies... Alive and Kickin

Well they are alive and swimming anyway. My husband went to the big local fish store here and purchased them for me. 15 cents each. Plus some little plants to go in their new two liter bottle homes. He is out right now buying some food for them. Tomorrow I take them to school. We were suppose to bring them in on Monday but I just didnt get a chance to go out after them. Anyhow they are oh so cute and swimming happily in their vase for the moment. Oh and for what its worth, my husband said the aquarium lady was totally fine without them having a heater. So there, Petsmart! Take that!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Guppies and Goldfish...who knew they were so delicate?

So being the fabulous science teacher that I am, I decide that the second graders will raise guppies as part of their life science unit. Not only will we raise the guppies but we will build them tiny fish homes out of two liter bottles, aquarium rocks, and aquatic plants. Now I am not a novice at this, we did this two years ago. It worked beautifully. The guppies were happy in their two liter home and there were many happy second graders. The guppies even obliged us by having babies. Oh sure they ate some of their young but really there were quite a few. The kids didnt seem to really care. Anyway earlier this week I decide its time to go and purchase the guppies. Now the last time we did this one of the other teachers took care of procuring the fish so this was new territory for me.

My kids and I arrive at Petsmart in our lovely little suburb around 5 p.m. I am super tired, I just want to buy guppies and get the heck out of there. We go up to the fish person who is looking oh so busy twirling her hair and smacking her gum. Below is our conversation. I will just call her FP (fish person).

Me: Hi I need some guppies.
FP: What?
Me: I need some guppies, about 20 or so
FP: What kind?
Me: The cheap kind.
FP: What kind is that?
Me: Ummmm I dont know maybe feeder guppies?
FP: We have these.... waves her hand towards a tank. I see those guppies are 1.29 a piece.
Me: Wow thats a lot for feeder guppies.
FP: no not really. Look these are more... waves hand towards guppies that are 2.54 each
Me: I think these are maybe way more fancy than I need.
FP: You do have a filter and heater right?
Me: No
FP: you need a filter and a heater
Me: I didnt last time.
FP: I am a fish expert, you need a filter and a heater
My boy: MOOOOOOMMMM when are we getting fish... I want some. I want some to keeeeeppppppp!!!
Me: Look fish person I just need 20 guppies, cheap. They are going to a bunch of school kids. They will live in 2 liter bottles. I have done this before
FP: oh no you cant do that
Me: ok fine what about goldfish. I can improvise. You have cheap goldfish?
FP: Gold fish need a filter.
Me: Are you freaking kidding me???
FP: Gold fish waste is highly toxic. Without a filter the goldfish will die in 3 days
Me: Are you for real?
FP: I am a fish expert. I am telling you they need a filter
My boy: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM I need a bird....look my hand fits in the cage.... pleeeeeeeese?????
Me: Look lady, I had goldfish that I bought at woolworths when I was 12. They lived in a tiny bowl that I rarely changed the water in. They were still alive when I left for college. Then I think my mom killed them. Point is they had no filter. I am not for a minute believing this crap about goldfish needing a filter.
FP: I cant sell you any fish
Me: Are you kidding? What fish go in the fish bowl if you need a filter for everything
FP Betas. i can sale you betas.
ME: yah. you think I am buying 20 betas at 5 bucks a pop? Are you on drugs?
FP: Look lady I am highly trained and I am not selling you any fish if you arent going to put them in a tank with a filter.
ME: yah ok, you arent selling me any fish

So I extract my child from the parrot cage. Remove my daughter from the rabbits and get the heck out of that crazy fish store. I call up Capitol Aquarium. Hi there, I need some guppies. Feeder guppies
CA: sure we have those
Me: how much
CA 15 cents each
Me: do I have to buy a filter?
CA: are you kidding? for feeder guppies?

Yah I new that FP was insane! I just cant figure out why. So the guppy saga continues. I buy them Monday. I will let you know if they all go belly up.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Its been a hellish week, the details of which I cant go into a public blog, no matter how well I think my identity may be hidden (yeah not well at all...oh so easy to see pics of me...but I digress) So back to the main subject... yes hellish... its been hellish. I know sometimes bad things happen, and sometimes those things are completely out of your control, and you cant make them better but it still feels like crap. So thats where I have been this week...(ya know in case my one or two readers are wondering). I think I will be back in the swing of things this weekend. I have a very funny guppy story for you as soon as I sit down long enough to type it out. :)