Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Card

This card is going to a teacher friend, hence the apples. I made this using PTI's fabulous set wise owl. I freehanded the apple tree branch. PTI cardstock, dew drops, and some copic markers round out the supplies. Its the first time I have ever watermarked a project and I realized I probably should have either a listed the stamp image copyright PTI or I should have said designed by Michele. In any case, not fixing it now but you all know that owl came from PTI and Alli Miles specifically. Working on a new watermark as I type.

Friday, August 29, 2008

My Life of Leisure is Coming to an End

So there has been a distinct lack of posts this week. I blame this on the fact that my husband refuses to be a CEO, lawyer, or Prince. If he would just do one of those things I might have enough money to abandon my career and become a full time lady of leisure. Unfortunately the man wants to follow his heart and not a giant string of dollar bills, not to mention he wasnt born the son of a queen... so I guess I cant really blame that on him, can I? So in an effort to keep myself in stamps, ink, and more paper than my local scrapbook store stocks, I will be returning to work on Tuesday. I think I have mentioned before that I teach, specifically I teach science to grade school kids. Its a good gig... way better than teaching first or second grade, which is what I did previously. Insanely better than selling knives, which was one of my first jobs. This year, due to lack of funding, I had my hours cut so I will only be working 4 days a week. That gives me one extra day to get the house clean. Oh who am I kidding? It gives me and extra day to play with my paper and stamps.

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Blog Hop Time!

It is time for Papertrey ink's monthly blog hop. This month's challenge was to alter a CD case. I honestly wasnt going to participate because I could not think of a thing to do! Then today, about 45 minutes ago, I came up with this! Behold, the CD case mini first aid kit. Perfect for a teacher's desk, student locker, stroller, or car glove box! I used PTI white cardstock. I stamped the Wise Owl with PTI chocolate ink and poppy ink. I colored my owl with my copic markers. I drew in the little first aid kit and colored it with prismas and copics. Finally I punched the tag out and hand wrote the title. The background paper is from Marcella by K. I got it on clearance at Target.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


or how I was tortured this weekend!
So we went camping this weekend. And I dont mean camping in a motorhome or camping at a place with a pool and showers. I mean camping with pit toilets, no hot water, no showers! Just dirt, hard ground, bugs, and smelly out houses. Wow, I make it sound appealing dont I?
Now I am not some city girl with no experience getting dirty. I was a camp counselor for 5 years. I went camping with the family when I was little. I am not a total novice. However I find, as I grow older, that I like a bed. I like a hot shower, I really like clean hair. I do not like bugs, especially in my sleeping quarters. I like indoor plumbing, I do not like bathrooms where you cant flush! But I am a good sport and the hubs, he likes to camp. So I go, on occasion, although I do complain a bit.

It was pretty tolerable back in the early years, when we were first married. Of course I was all of 22 back then as well. Now I have two children to bring with me. They are 5 and 8. They love dirt. They love no baths. The are all for dirty hair, bugs, and sleeping on the ground. They do NOT like the pit toilets, so there is that we have in common. My boy pretty much rolled in the dirt the entire time we were there. My girl relished in the fact I didnt make her comb her hair or wash her face. When I bathed them tonight, the water was black. I had to scrub the tub after each bath!

There was one highlight to this weekend camping trip and its name was: Wine. Ah yes wine, I think I had a bottle. Or maybe two. Its amazing what good wine can do. I forgot the dirt, I forgot the bears, I forgot the fact I had to sleep on a half inflated air matteress (are there any other kind?) with my husband, trussed up in a sleeping bag and dirty sweats. Yes, the wine turned it all into a nice fuzzy glow. I actually went to sleep in my dirty clothes with scuzzy teeth and I didnt even care! (Way more information than you needed right?) So this leads me to my recommendations...

* if you can avoid camping in a tent, DO!
* if you can choose your vacation, go for a real bed!
* look for campgrounds with showers!
* avoid camping with small dirty people, or try to stick them in their own tent!
* if all else fails, drink copious amounts of wine! You can delay the pain until the next morning!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I made this the other day when I was playing around with my prismas. It uses the floral frenzy set from PTI. Thats a super set with lots of possibilities... and to think I almost didnt buy it! I do have a bit of an addiction when it comes to stamps from PTI, hard to believe I only started stamping last November when I see the vast quantity of stamps before me!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tooting My Own Horn....

I WON!!!! I won guest star stamper over at Papertrey Ink. I can't even tell you the amount of excitement I felt about this! First I screamed, then I jumped up and down, then I screamed some more! In anycase there were so many awesome enteries.... you should take a look at the GSS submission gallery, so much inspiration. You can see all the winners and honorable mentions here.

Butterfly Kisses

Happy Wednesday Internets! Today I give you a card I made using butterfly kisses and guidelines. I stamped the guidelines with versamagic cloud white on PTI Kraft paper. I then used butterfly kisses and Aqua Mist to make the butterflies. The only thing I dont like about this card is the sentiment... I dont know it just doesnt look right, stamped where it is. But enough work went into this card that I didnt toss it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Something Crafty for You...

This is another color on black card. I stamped flowers from PTI's floral frenzy set in versamagic cloud white and then I colored on the white with prismas. I went over some of the flowers with glossy accents so they really pop off the page. The ribbon is from my stash and the epoxy element was made with stamps, prismas and glossy accents and then cut out with my new fiskars finger tip knife. (That thing ROCKS!)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Why Do They Call It a Slumber Party? No One Is Sleeping

I am currently writing you from hell, little girl hell to be exact. I am hosting my first slumber party as a mom. Sigh. I remember the slumber parties of my youth with such fondness. You know a bunch of friends, snuggled down in sleeping bags, telling ghost stories, playing light as a feather stiff as board, eating cake, having pancakes for breakfast. Such a wonderful, carefree time. So much fun to be had. I have another memory too- its the memory of my mother saying NO!! everytime I asked to have a slumber party. At the time I thought she was mean, really mean, the meanest mother ever. Now I see she was smart, really smart, the smartest mother ever!

My dd is 8 today. She begged for a sleepover, she pleaded, she told me I would be the best mom ever. She promised she would keep it small, she promised they would be asleep early. I listened. I am stupid. I currently have 6 little girls in my living room watching Enchanted (which is a great flick, as far as kid flicks go). I think watching may be over stating it. I mean the movie is on, but no one is paying it any attention. Currently they are all getting crushed ice out of the freezer. Why? Probably because I finally told them no more "juice" and soda. (The sugar is oozing out of every pore.) So they getting ice, spilling it on the floor, crunching it, putting it down their pajamas, screaming (nothing is worse than little girl screaming.). Its nearly ten! I am so tired. They are not going to be sleeping anytime soon. The energy level is so high the room is buzzing.

Did I mention the boy? Ah yes, my boy. He is in there with six girls. They are torturing each other. He is bugging them, torturing them really. Of course they are egging him on. I have threaten him with bed repeatedly. This could go on all night. It probably will. Did I mention I am tired? This party started at 4. We painted ceramic figures, we crafted cards, we played games, we ate pizza, we ate cake, we opened presents, we played in the fort, we drug out every toy in the house. It has been non stop since 4. They leave at 10:30 am. I should have made it 5 am.

Did I mention my husband thought this would be the perfect night to pull some overtime? yeah he did. Convenient. So here I sit with all my little slumber party memories turned inside out. Just as it is with nearly every thing else, slumber parties are oh so much better if you are a kid. It loses quite a bit when you are on the mom side of things. So now its back to the living room to referee the ice fight going on during the Enchanted viewing.

Color on Black

This is something I just learned, you take white pigment ink and stamp on a dark background. Next you take out your prismas and color on the white ink. So easy and pretty!

Happy Birthday to my first born!!! Baby girl is 8!! I feel old.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gym... continued

OMG I was just reading my stat counter page and I saw someone found my blog by searching, "girl with six pack abs". Bhhaaahhaaaa!!!! Sorry sweetie, you wont find that here! (Ever!)

BTW: went to the gym, nearly was killed by the girl with the six pack abs, skipped core because I had the beginnings of an "insulin headache", the precursor the previously mentioned Steel Magnolias moment.

The Gym

I hate exercise. I mean hate. I dislike it immensely. I do not like sports. I do not like to watch them, I do not like to play them. I hate them all with an equal passion. I suck at them. I have two left feet who do not listen to me. I dance like Elaine on Seinfeld. I am completely uncoordinated, I trip and fall even at the ripe old age of 35. Seriously when it comes to things of a sporting nature I am severely screwed up.
Unfortunately for me I also possess a fat gene. (Actually I suspect I have many many fat genes.) Lets just say my ancestors were never going to starve to death. I put on weight by looking at food. I think chocolate bar and I am rewarded with my fat cells swelling. I actually put the chocolate in my mouth, I have instant poundage. Because of this stupid fat gene (or genes) it becomes necessary for me to exercise. If I dont I will end up being one of those people so fat they cant leave their bed and the next thing I know the Discovery channel will be making a documentary of my life.
On top of the fat gene I also have type 1 diabetes. I wear an insulin pump. This helps make exercise slightly more difficult. If I exercise too much or too long my blood sugar bottoms out and I have a my own personal Steel Magnolias moment. ( You know the one, where Julia Roberts freaks out and they have to pour orange juice down her? yeah, been there and done that.)
Ok so now I have two strikes against me uncoordinated, nonsports like and freaks out easily. But yet I drag myself to the gym. 4 times a week is my standard. I need to go 7 times a week. Seriously, my doctor said so. But I average 4. Rarely less, lots of times more. My standard is spin class. (Indoor cycling to music) If you have never been to Spin let me tell you it is hard. Some classes harder than others. My usual class (I go 3x a week to spin) is taught by a lovely girl, who is thin and fit and toned, with six pack abs. She looks awesome in spandex. She looks awesome sweaty. (I however resemble a large sow.) She has scary arm muscles, I know she can kick my ass and probably my husband's too. The other class I frequent (also spin) is taught by another lovely thin girl with six pack abs but her arms are a bit on the wimpy side. I am not afraid of her. I think I could squash her. LOL.
So my point? What was my point? Ah yes, today is spin day. With the first girl, the one who can kick some ass. 45 minutes of spinning and then 15 minutes of core work. Core work? Whats that you say? Core work is designed to make you hurt for the next few days. It involves lots of crunches, push ups, crazy leg lifts, these scary things called gliders, balance work. (Did I mention I have no sense of balance, I cannot stand on one foot for any length of time!) So on spin days like today I tend to have conversations with myself. They go like this:
Me: Gotta go change for the gym. gotta get the kids ready.
Self: You dont want to go there. She will kill you today. She is probably going to have race day.
Me: Eh, I can do it, I have been doing it for a year now.
Self: Yeah a year of all this work, have you lost any weight?
Me: Well no, but you keep convincing me to eat ice cream and cookies
Self: Well we deserve a treat.
Me: All this work, nothing to show for it
Self: Well we could just quit
Me; No because then the Discovery channel will be calling.
Self: All right fine, go get dressed but you will be sorry in an hour when you finish your tenth push up. You will wish you had listened then.
Me: Yeah I know.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I love to color, be it coloring books and crayolas with my kid or fancy markers with my stamps. I already own prismas and watercolor pencils, pastels and paints from art class college days. However I decided to take the plunge into fancy markers and buy some copics. I tell ya, I was so giddy picking those things out. I have a pottery barn dreams and a walmart budget so I currently own 6 copic markers. LOL. Anyway I used those six to color this card. The stamps are from the Guidelines set by PTI. Cardstock and linen vellum also by PTI. I have no clue where that ribbon came from, thats what happens when you are a supply hoarder! Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coloring Solid Stamps

The other day I ran across a tutorial done by Jennifer Mcguire on coloring solid stamps. It looked intriguing so I decided to give it a try. Here are the results.

So what do you think? I used Dewent water color pencils. I have primas and like those too... but they were buried and my derwents were sitting right there.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Random Stuff

Couple of scrappy pages I managed to crank out the other night. Mostly MM product... cant remember all of it, some has been in my stash forever. Time to actually use some of that product! I took out my alpha stickers the other night to reorganize them and I was embarrassed by the sheer number that I have! YIKES!

In other non crafting news we are finally painting the clubhouse. Pics to follow. I let two 8 year olds (my daughter and her friend) and my son (he is 5) go to town with the painting. YIKES! On one hand they did alot of the work, on the other hand there is lots of cleaning and umm... fixing...smoothing... touch ups to be done. All the trim still needs to be painted and the actual walls need to be touched up, some quite a bit. They chose yellow... its called baby duckling. And green trim, English garden. I think it will look pretty good. Hopefully will have it done by the end of the week.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Scrappy Pages

Well finally I put down the ink pad long enough to scrap some pictures. I am so so far behind in my scrapbooking but really I dont care anymore, what gets put in the album, gets put in the album. I can't spend my life worrying about what isnt getting done. Also I no longer go in any order at all, I just scrap what I feel like. So heres a few I did last night.
Recipe: MM patterned paper (boho Chic), Heidi Grace Cardstock (green) Bazzill (purple) MM ribbons, Doodlebug and American Traditions letter stickers.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I Have No Title

I made this card for the Casual Midweek Challenge (CMC) over at Papertrey Ink. Its based on a sketch by Mary K. If you pop on over to the forum you can see for yourself. My favorite part about this card is all the ribbon. Its ribbon I have had for an age I cant even tell you who made it. The stamps are Papertrey ink. The Ink is Dewdrops chalk ink.

I finally scrapbooked tonight for the first time in AGES. Before discovering Papertrey Ink and their lovely stamps, I was strictly a scrapbooker who made an occasional card if I didnt have time to go to the store. Now I am stamp and card obsessed! So it was nice to get a few pictures put in my kids' book. Hopefully I will get a few more done this week, if my kids cooperate I will photograph and upload the SB pages tomorrow.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Simple Little Card

I like this just for the simplicity of it. The hardest part was embossing those squares in a straight line, after that it was easy peasey. The star is from the wise owl pti stamp set. This ink is plum pudding, as is the ribbon both by PTI. The sentiment is from the the hey there cupcake set by stampendous.