Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am helping people everywhere....

or else I am scaring them to death! One of the things I love most about sight meter is seeing what google search brought people to your page. I am seeing a lot of hits thanks to drano. Lots of people searching for "drano and my garbage disposal" or "help my garbage disposal has drano" or "drano in my disposal". So hey if that's you, don't put the drano in the garbage disposal! And if you have already.... be very careful getting it out! Right after my drano/disposal incident a friend of mine told me about a similar incident ending with burns all over the persons hands and arms! So be careful out there, all you do it yourselfers!

The other thing that had me laughing today was the google search... "gym punishment"! I was on page 66! Wow, I think for all the punishment I have seen I should be the number one hit! I did take a week off for Christmas. I went last night and did 45 minutes on the elliptical while I played with my new ipod. It was hard but not grueling. Tomorrow I will try to make it to spin class. We have been having a lot of out of town guests, so my time has not been my own lately. The gym is also a darn crowded place with the onset of a new year. All sorts of people come pouring in with the resolution to "shed fat", "look good", "get healthy". Luckily they are usually gone by February. Not that I dont want people to be healthy, but I hate a crowded gym!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Papertrey Blog Hop- A week late!

I made this for the PTI blog hop which was held on December 26th. I even had it photographed on time, however, we had a slew of visitors and I am just now getting it posted. The theme of the blog hop was to recycle something. Well that little cream colored card was one of the bazillion Christmas cards I did. I had a few left over so I used my trimmer and my nestie circles to turn them into wine bottle cards. I really like the way it came out. The paper and ink is by PTI. The tree stamp is inkadinkado and the owl and sentiment are hero arts.

We have one more wave of visitors and then hopefully I will be back in the swing of things!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from Me to You!

I am sitting here beginning the non ending baking of cheesecake and pie to be ready for tomorrow! While I was at the computer I wanted to pop on and say Merry Christmas to all of you! I appreciate all of your comments and the time you take to pop by and read about my torture on the spin cycle (I took this week off but I will be back at it after Christmas) or look at my new creations! Happy Holidays! May you get all that you are hoping for!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Christmas

Product: PTI cardstock, ribbon, ink and stamps (Holiday Tags), cuttlebug swiss dots folder.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas wishes!

All PTI product. Ya know I have so many pictures of cards I cant even remember what I have shown and what I havent! I apologize if you have seen this before!

Friday, December 12, 2008

More Easy Christmas

PTI stamps (snowflake serenade), encore ink, marcella by K card base.
Its been crazy busy around here lately. Now I am sick as well! So I am trying to take it easy in hopes that I wont be sick over my Christmas vacation. Hope all is well you and yours!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Drano Is Not Your Friend

Went to clean up dinner tonite and I noticed that the garbage disposal side of the sink wouldnt drain. Turned it on, nope just a nice noise but no actual water and food parts sinking down. Sigh. Go look under the sink... hmmm pipes. Look at the sink... hmmmm nasty water and food bits. Husband is not here, he is working and wont be back until late. Start cursing in my head. Get the plunger. Start plunging the sink... hey see the nasty water fly everywhere! And I mean everywhere. Right out of that weird little pipe thingy on top of the sink. Hmmmm... look under the sink, still see pipes. Look at the top again. Wrap weird pipe thingy with a towel, plunge again. Whoa!!! More spray... but not as bad. Water not draining, still. Hmmmmm. Decide to pack up the spawn and head to the store. Find Drano. Look at back, read instructions. A-OK for garbage disposals. Pour in and let sit then your problem will be all gone. Purchase the Drano. Come home, place spawn in front of the tv. Go back to sink. Water still there. Look underneath, yep pipes still there. Pour in Drano. Wait, wait, wait. Water does not go down. Wait wait wait. Nope water is still in the sink. Look at back of the Drano. All kinds of cautionary tales about how its going to eat my skin, blind me, give me 3rd degree chemical burns. All kinds of do nots. Do not turn on disposal. Do not try to get out clog yourself. Do not get in eyes. Do not get on skin. Why did I not see these before? Hmmmm Water is still in the sink. Decide to throw caution to the wind and turn on disposal. Nothing. Water goes in a whirlpool, drano foams, water stays in the sink. Hmmmmm... go to Google. Oh google tell me what to do! Google directs me to Readers Digest. Readers Digest has tons of helpful directions, unless of course you poured chemicals in there. If you did that, well you are on your own. Think of how pissed husband will be. Think of how he will ask me why I didnt wait for him. Think of all the "I told you...." Decide to handle this like a man would. Ignore all cautionary directions. Don rubber gloves and husbands woodworking eye protection. Tell children they may not enter the kitchen or Santa will not bring toys. Go under the sink. Look at pipes. Decide to ever so slowly open one. Gently twist the ring thingy. Drano water starts to spill out into the bucket I so brilliantly put underneath. Decide to take it slow. Wait, wait, wait. Still draining. Ok this is taking forever. Twist ring thingy more. More water. More drano. Twist more. Oh no! Water drano sprays the inside of the cabinet along with disgusting food. Lucky for me I am not burned as I have donned my protective gear. Finally succeed in draining all the water. Completely dismantle the pipe. Clean out all of the disgusting potato peels. eeeewww so gross. Drano smell is over whelming. Take bucket of drano water to bathroom and dump it in the sink. Rinse, rinse, rinse. Mop up underneath the sink. Throw away all the stuff that got soaked with Drano. Reassemble sink parts. YES!!! I did it! I fixed the *&%$$#ing sink! Marvel at how much easier it would have been without the added Drano. Curse self for not taking pictures.

Inside My Head at Spin Class

I took two classes this past week, one on Friday (Kevin) and one on Saturday (Julie). Both were difficult, especially since it had been a week since I had been on a bike. Kevin's was hard, very hard. Julie's was whatever hard is to the 100th degree. OMG. And she had already taught one class right before mine! And she taught a third after I got up and left. CRAZY hard. Anyway a random sampling of what was in my brain that day:

"omg, we must be done."
"what I have only been here 5 minutes?"
"stand up? again? jog? again?"
"I think my butt is jiggling so much I will have stretch marks"
"she is psycho... totally psycho"
"is that sweat? it is! omg I am dripping sweat!"
"is it over yet?"
"crap still a half hour"
"she is looking at me"
"go faster"
"this cant possibly get harder:
"omg I am going to die"
"i will have a heart attack"
"I am running out of water"
"is she dancing? omg she is!"
"this sucks!"
"why are all these skinny people in here?"
"if I was skinny I would never exercise"
"only one more song! yippee!"
this is the longest song ever!"
"this must be the extreme dance version"
"i think my legs wont work, how will i get off this bike?"
"praise be God, its over!"
"i hope thats sweat and not tears"

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Monday, December 01, 2008

Notecard Collection

I made these as a little gift for someone.... Not telling who! Its a set of four notecards, matching envelopes and a little box for it all to go in. Most of the supplies are from Papertrey Ink. The stamps are PTI's background basics: stars, and Boxs, bags and tags. The letter is from Brenda Walton. The cardstock is PTI- spring rain and lemon tart, the ribbon is too. The patterned paper comes from Making Memories. The ink is vanilla from PTI with seafoam embossing powder on top.