Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chicken Soup

Me and my big bowl of Chicken soup (campbell's - I am in no shape to cook) are curled up here trying to muster the strength to finish up some school work. Not happening. Still feel completely horrid but slightly less horrid than yesterday. So another early night for me and hopefully sometime tomorrow I will put some new pretty stuff up on the blog. I have lots of stuff waiting to be photographed...

Monday, September 29, 2008


Here it is Monday night, still no pictures. Sorry about that. I feel awful. Just as soon as I can get my kids in bed I am going to bed as well. I feel horrible! I did go to the gym on Sunday, but not spin class.... I did 35 minutes of weights and another 25 minutes of cardio. I was feeling so sluggish, well now I know it was this cold coming on. UGH! Hope it goes away quick. My nose is like a leaky faucet.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


The gym is calling my name and I am trying to hide here on the couch in my pjs with my laptop. I need to go but I dont want to! My last appearance there was on Friday. When I walked into the spin room I saw the instructor who is the most difficult. Normally she teaches the am Monday and Wednesday class, which I haven't been to since school started back up. I have mentioned her before. She can kick some ass. Her entire body is muscle, not an ounce of fat on this girl. Its pretty muscle too, not bulging body builder muscle, just firm-I can kick your ass and look hot while doing it- muscle. Truth be told the second I saw her I wanted to turn and run upstairs to my friend the elliptical machine. But I didnt want to look like a quitter, plus she knows my name and probably would have demanded to know where I was going. I am not afraid to admit that she scares me a little! So I made it through, but when I was done my legs felt like jello and my heart was about to thump out of my chest. But I lived and now here we are at Sunday and I need to go back. The next spin class is at noon, its 9am now. I should go.... I need to go.... I will be back to let you know how big of a wimp I was later.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Open Letter

Sorry but I have to get this off my chest before I can move on with my day.

Dear Teacher,

Clearly you dont want to be here. I know someone is paying you to be here. This isn't a come on your free time type of deal. All of you are receiving money, which obviously isn't being well spent training you, they should have gotten someone with a work ethic. Yes, I know its a Saturday. Yes, I understand you are tired. This does not give you the right to talk while we are trying to teach. This does not give you the right to clean your purse out at the table, disturbing your work group and completely ignoring the person presenting. This does not give you the right to file your nails as we teach. Maybe your mother never taught you that these things are rude, however since you work in a classroom environment I would think that maybe you should know better. I really wouldn't care if you listened or learned while you are here except for the fact that you are occupying a spot that many other teachers would have liked to have. You also were so disruptive that people across the room were glaring at you, and yet you continued on, oblivious to everyone but yourself and your cell phone. Perhaps this program isn't for you. Perhaps you should drop out and let someone else have your spot. Clearly you are not here to learn or stretch yourself in any way. Next time stay home and make us all a little happier.

*** And now back to your regularly scheduled craft blog*** I will have some christmas cards up tomorrow! Need daylight to take some decent pictures.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its PTI Blog Hop Time (I am LATE!)

I had bigger plans for this one! This is a scrap piece of pine board that I painted white with craft acrylic. I painted the sky a very light blue. I stamped the snowmen in palette black noir and then colored them with my copic markers... which worked surprisingly well on top of the white paint. I hand printed the saying but clearly spaced it wrong. UGH there was no way to fix it, I was contemplating a bow in that area.... still dont know. My original plan was to (actually I will still do this) attach a wire with ribbons to hang this on a wall. It still looks unfinished to me so I will work on it a bit, I think its salvageable.

This card I love. I used boards and beams and home for the holidays. If you get this set you had better like to color. and cut. Fortunately I do. So I colored it up with my copics and cut out all the little pieces. I had a lot of fun with it. A little stickles for added sparkle.

I knew I should have taken care of this before work! UGH! So here it is, way late and with bad lighting on the pictures. Hope you enjoy. (If you dont know what blog hop is hop on over to PTI and find out!)

All supplies by PTI except for the paint, copics, and stickles.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hero Arts Sitting in the PTI Tree

I just love this card! Is that wrong to say about my own stuff? LOL! Anyway the tree branch is from PTI's Take a Bough. Its an amazing set. Definitely worth the money for that one! The little bird and bird house and snowflakes are from Hero Arts. I just love these little animals. The cardstock is PTI. The ink is palette and I colored with copics. I must say I am in love with my copic markers, to think I only started with five, I have close to 50 now. I cant even let myself think of what I spent on them!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Boy

The Boy: Mom am I a hunk?
Me: What?
The Boy: Mom am I a hunk?
Me (snickering): Whats a hunk?
The Boy: Its like way better than handsome!
Me: Where did you here this
The Boy: sister... she watches Drake and Josh
Me: ahhh... it all becomes clear, yes son your are a hunk.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hero Arts Meet PTI

I made this card with rustic branches stamps from PTI and the cute little bird from Hero Arts. I hand drew the bow. Everything is colored up with copics and on PTI cardstock. I am so spoiled by their cardstock I can hardly stand to use anything else!

Friday, September 19, 2008

More Cute Stamps

Another card using Hero Arts stamps.
Supplies: PTI cardstock: aqua mist, white, pure poppy. Ink: palette noir, dewdrops moonbeam white, copic markers

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Cutest Stamps Eva!

And omg, they aren't even PTI! Now you all have probably figured out that I love me some PTI, but these little guys are from Hero Arts and they are so freaking cute!

Supplies and such: Stamps: Hero Arts Cardstock: PTI select white, pure poppy, and aqua mist Ink: palette noir, moonbeam white (dewdrop) Ribbon: PTI aqua mist Copics.
I hand drew the tree, ornaments and snow. The star on top is from the PTI take a bough set. I have several more I made with these stamps I will post the rest of the week. Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rustic Branches

This card was made with the fabulous Pine's Rustic Branches set. To think that I almost didnt purchase this set! Its awesome and so versatile, it can be Christmasy or springy or even fall like. Love it!
Supplies: PTI rustic branches, kraft cardstock, pure poppy ribbon. copics, versamark ink, palette ink, and white embossing powder

**** In Non Crafting News*****
I started seeing kids in the science/computer lab today. Oh it is so much fun to teach science. Today we had a little fun with dry ice! The fourth graders had fun with rulers, static, and styrofoam beads. So much fun stuff.

After work I made the dreaded trek to the gym. Another day, another spin class.... this guy who instructs this class is crazy hard! And its like the harder it gets the happier he is. I think he thrives on sweat and pain. I thought I might pass out, I ended up taking off after 45 minutes because my blood sugar once again started to crash. UGH! I think I might have to start bringing juice instead of water, of course this just adds back the calories I am trying to rid myself of! Oh and it would probably help if I quit eating candy. So tomorrow is another day, hoping I will do better.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am so sorry....

its been a week since I managed to post anything! I had a long week at work and then a wonderful trip to Napa with my very best friend. So its been busy, busy around here. I made this card with PTI's guidelines stamps, snowflake serenade stamps. I used my copics to color. Dew drop ink (gold) and palette ink (black). This was a time consuming card. Definitely not one you would want to mass produce.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

True Strength is Delicate

This card is made with the Remember set from Papertrey Ink. I stamped the image with palette noir and mounted it on pure poppy. I colored it with my copics and then wrapped some pure poppy ribbon around it and stamped the sentiment onto it. All ribbon and paper from PTI. I have no clue where I got those pearls.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

They Massacred My Show!

This my friend, is a a tragedy! This show, these people, are so NOT the original. I would be ok with change, I wasn't expecting a carbon copy but this was down right awful! Awful writing, awful acting, awful directing. Not a thing I liked about it. Not one! I had invited two friends over for the premiere. Both friends are women, in their 30's like me, and both were big fans of the original show. We got some wine, some appetizers and we settled in with high hopes. Those hopes were dashed to ribbons in the first five minutes and it got worse from there! One of my friends actually left because she said sleep was just more important than a show this stupid! When I got to work today there were others who had watched. I could not find a single person who liked it. I did find a couple of luke warm reviews on the net. One person even said the girl who plays Niomi was a good actress! What?! She is the one we thought was the worst! I do know they will have three less viewers next week.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy First Day of School

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is my first day back at work. I usually bring in a little something for all the teachers. We work in an area where the teachers dont receive much in the way of gifts, etc. Especially not the way the teachers receive gifts where my kids go to school. I always like to bring in a little something to help kick the year off right. I saw this idea somewhere else... I am not sure where and I apologize for not linking you to the original idea. These little guys open up like match books and hold a square of Ghiradelli chocolate. YUM! All supplies are Papertrey Ink with the exception of the copics I used to color the owl. The stamp set is Wise Owl by Alli Miles (who left me a comment the other day, and it was all I could do not to swoon. LOL).