Tuesday, June 24, 2014

RIP Duncan - A Tribute to My Kitty

Sorry to have the latest post be sad and full of my kitty instead of cards.  But I wanted to give my little Duncan a proper tribute.  Duncan passed away after developing intestinal cancer.  It was not treatable and we made the decision to put him down after his quality of life was no longer good.  He had stopped eating and drinking- it was clearly time.

Duncan came into our lives after my cat Frank had passed away.  I found Duncan at Petsmart.  He was in the LapCats Rescue adoption center.  He was so big, fat and grey.  He looked calm and content.  He was already six years old so I thought he would be pretty mellow.  You can read about when we brought him home here.  Here is one of the first pictures of him.  We had him for 7 years and it wasn't nearly long enough.  Once he got over his shyness he was the best cat ever.  He was easy going, not bothered by the vacuum or the loud kids.  He was good with babies and toddlers.  He didn't have a problem with dogs.  He was perfectly house broken.  The worse thing I remember him doing was scratching up the carpet on the stairs and my couch.  He slept with me everynight.  His purrs and snores so loud you could actually hear him from downstairs.  He was so fat when he jumped off the bed he made the floor shake.  He always came when you called him.  He loved to lay on my head and try to paw my face to wake me up.  If he was out of food he would not leave you alone until you got him some.  He refused all wet food but loved the dry kibble.  He drank his water by dipping in a paw and then licking the liquid off.  His tongue often poked out like a dogs.  I will miss so many of those things.  Even though my house still has plenty of animals, I will miss him and his personality that was uniquely his.  Below are some pictures of Duncan throughout the time we had him.